sean marshall


Daylesford’s newly opened Belvedere Social is the latest venture from acclaimed chef Sean Marshall. Together with Belvedere co-owner Bernard Glaude, Sean aims to create a “hyper local contemporary bistro focused on local organic producers in the region”.


About Sean Marshall

“It’s always been my professional dream to work with Australian produce cooking my own version of French food,” says Sean, “I finally have my chance.” The producer-driven menu features the region’s most premium produce including beef from Sidonia Hills and Warialda; Trout from Tuki farm; rare breed black pig from Jonai farm; vegetables from local organic growers; and edible flowers and microgreens from Flowerdale Farm.

Sean undertook his apprenticeship at Melbourne's The Brasserie then ventured abroad to immerse himself in French culture. Here he worked in a series of Michelin stared French establishments, learning from esteemed chefs such as Romuald Fassenet MOF.

Upon his return to Australia, Sean made a name for himself as head chef at Hell of The North, a modern French inspired bar and bistro in Fitzroy.

Sean’s recent tree change to Daylesford with the opening of Belvedere Social is an exciting development for regional dining. Already the venue is receiving excellent reviews for its unique menu, seasonal drinks and commitment to showcasing the finest local produce.

Sean has kindly shared his recipe for Cured Trout, Buttermilk Gel, Horseradish and Variations of Fennel. View this and other fantastic meal ideas in the recipe section of our website.
Belvedere Social