Shima Wasabi Launch

Shima WasabiFlowerdale Farm is excited to announce Shima Wasabi products are now exclusively available from our store at the Melbourne Wholesale Market. Shima Wasabi is Tasmanian grown and widely regarded as Australia's most premium wasabi.

The new wasabi range includes:

  • Wasabi Stems (available in 30g cryovac pouches or 6 x 30g)
  • Baby Wasabi Leaves (punnets)
  • Standard Wasabi Leaves (punnets)
  • Wasabi Stalks (punnets)
  • Wasabi Flowers (punnets available June – October)

We also have several styles of Wasabi Graters available for Chefs to prepare these unique products.

With a powerfully hot, sweet and fragrant fresh flavour Shima Wasabi is the perfect ingredient for Asian fusion and to add new dimension to your dishes. Explore the different elements of the plant by grating the Stems into a paste; adding Wasabi Leaves to salads, meat or seafood; using fresh or pickled Wasabi Stalks to add a wonderful crunch and zing to savoury meals; or add a flavoursome heat by using Baby Wasabi Leaves or Wasabi Flowers as a garnish.

As a special introductory offer purchase a 30g cryovac Wasabi Stem from Flowerdale Farm and receive a free Mini Wasabi Grater!*

*Offer only available to wholesale customers who purchase the product from the Flowerdale Farm Store at the Melbourne Wholesale Market. Available while stocks last.


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fara skyrA stunning #skyrabowl of matcha dusted buckinis with pink pitaya chia seed pudding, featuring #FlowerdaleFarm #fingerlimes & #edibleflowers created by @fara_skyr


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Flavours & Trends: Pea Tendrils

snowpea tendrillsAppearance: Elegant pea stems with large round leaves and thin winding tendrils.

Flavour: Strong, fresh pea flavour.

Applications: This versatile sprout can accompany sweet or savoury flavours. Ideal to use as a garnish or salad substitute. Add to breakfast and brunch dishes, main meals, fresh salads and sandwiches.

Complements: Red and white meats, seafood, egg, grains, quinoa, nuts, root vegetables, avocado, cheese, balsamic, pomegranates.

Trends: Top Paddock is serving a healthy Macro Bowl with roast sweet potato, red and white quinoa, avocado, broccoli, beetroot, activated almonds and snow pea tendrils, with an apple cider dressing.



Flavours & Trends: Popcorn Shoots

Flowerdale Farm Popcorn ShootsAppearance: Bright yellow stalk and splayed crown

Flavour: Intense sweetness, with a crisp and crunchy texture

Applications: Popcorn shoots are a total surprise, bursting with sweet flavour. They are a unique sweetener to salads, desserts, meat and shellfish dishes. Popcorn shoots are also being used by innovative bars as a cocktail or whiskey garnish.

Complements: Smokey flavours and cured meats, salmon, trout, shellfish, red meat, eggs, avocado, balsamic, root vegetables, corn, sorbet, dark chocolate and fruit salad.

Trends: Anada Restaurant is combining sweet, sour and savoury with Charred Baby Eggplant, black garlic, fermented green chilli + chulpi (dried corn) garnished with popcorn shoots.


Flavours & Trends: Snowpea Shoots

snowpea shootsAppearance: Pale firm stems with vibrant green leafy sprout

Flavour: A full pea, grassy flavouring

Applications: Snowpea shoots provided a crisp texture and fresh flavour to a wide range of savoury dishes. Popular in Asian fusion, they add great dimension to rice paper rolls, stir-fries, salads, as well as breakfasts and brunches.

Complements: Salmon, egg, beef, rice, cheese, bacon, citrus, fennel, garlic, vinegar, walnuts, almonds, sourdough, basil, coriander, chilli and ginger.

Trends: Double Shot Espresso in Sydney is brunching with Smashed Avocado, haloumi, roasted tomatoes, organic poached eggs and snowpea shoots with a balsamic glaze