Peeled Australian Garlic Launch

aussie-peeled-garlicThis month Flowerdale Farm launched distribution of premium peeled Australian garlic with a visit from everyone's favourite celebrity greengrocer, Con the Fruiterer. Con joined the Flowerdale Farm team at the Melbourne Wholesale Market handing out delicious garlic bread and cracking jokes with Flowerdale customers.

Locally grown and processed in Victoria by The Aussie Veg Garlic Company, peeled Australian garlic contains intense, fresh flavour. Peeled Australian garlic is ready to use straight out of the pack, making it the convenient solution for busy kitchens and food manufacturers.

This initiative aims to support local growers and bring the superior flavour of Australian garlic to the broader market through the convenience of a chef-ready product. Directly sourced from Australia's garlic growing regions, the bulbs are grown to the optimum maturity for flavour, then carefully ripened to enhance the natural oils and minerals.

In contrast to imported garlic, Aussie Veg Australian garlic is chemical and preservative free, making it a fresher and healthier choice. Imported garlic also spends extended time in transit and quarantine, increasing the carbon footprint of the product and reducing its freshness. In comparison Aussie Veg Australian garlic is peeled daily and delivered to the Melbourne Wholesale Market, providing consumers the freshest possible product, with a minimum of road miles.

Available in 100g punnets, 11x 100g trays, 500g punnets and 12 x 500g trays. Bulk Peeled Aussie Garlic is also available on pre-order and is the fresh, flavoursome and convenient solution for your kitchen needs.


Flavours & Trends: Heirloom Baby Coloured Carrots

baby-coloured-carrotsAppearance: Perfect and petite Baby Carrots in Purple, Yellow, Orange and White.

Flavour: Highly concentrated sweet and earthy flavour with a crisp and delicate texture.

Applications: Baby Coloured Carrots are a great way to brighten up winter dishes. Lightly blanch or sauté and uses as an innovative side to your main. Delicious when roasted and drizzled with balsamic or honey in winter salads.

Complements: Red or white meat, pasta, pastry, cheese, balsamic, honey, maple syrup, butter, garlic, beetroot, parsley, thyme and almonds.

Trends: 2K.W. Bar and Restaurant in Adelaide is serving Charred baby heirloom carrots, corn bread, Kangaroo Island honey & olive oil labne


Flavours & Trends: Mini Coloured Cauliflowers

Mini Coloured CauliflowersAppearance: Miniature Cauliflowers in vibrant Purple, Green, Orange and White.

Flavour: Mini Colored Cauliflowers have the same firmness, crumbly florets, and texture as their large counterpart, with subtle differences in taste. Their flavour is slightly milder, sweeter, nuttier and free of the bitterness sometimes found in large white cauliflower.

Applications: Mini Coloured Cauliflowers can be prepared in the same manner as white cauliflower, however we recommend using the vibrant colours as a visual counterpoint to create a point of interest in dishes. Consider creating colourful cauliflower fritters, roasted cauliflower or coloured cauliflower soup. You can also blitz into colourful cauliflower 'rice', serve raw on fresh veggie platters or create coloured cauliflower puree for brilliant plate presentation.

Complements: Red and white meats, shellfish, cheese, dill, tarragon, parsley, chives, balsamic, macadamia, almonds, mustard, kale and pomegranates.

Trends: Steeds Club Grill & Bar at Rydges Parramatta is serving Romanesco Green Cauliflower, Purple Cauliflower, Target Beetroot, Seared Scallops with Crab & Fennel Remoulade


Flavours & Trends: Baby Golden Beetroot

Baby-Golden-BeetrootAppearance: Baby sized beets with a brilliant yellow-orange colour

Flavour: A smoother, sweeter taste which is less earthy than red beets

Applications: Ideal roasted or grilled, Baby Golden Beets can brighten up any savoury dish and look marvellous in all kinds of salads. They make a flavoursome side sautéed with butter, or can pickled for a terrific Asian-style entrée. Baby Golden Beetroot also looks amazing thinly shaved as a innovative element on main plates.

Complements: Egg, beef, lamb, quinoa, rice, cheese, bacon, apples, fennel, citrus, potatoes, garlic, vinegar, walnuts, smoked and cured fish.

Trends: Melbourne coffee institution Industry Beans is serving a Shanklish Cheese Omelette with caramelised leeks, za'atar, baby golden beetroot, kale and sourdough


New Seasonal Product: Baby Cima Di Rapa

Baby-Cima-Di-RapaBaby Cima Di Rapa is a new seasonal product now available from Flowerdale Farm through the Glenora Heritage Produce range.

This incredible variety of sprouting broccoli has serrated leaves which are tender with a wonderful fresh broccoli flavour. Also known as Broccoli Raab, it is a very popular vegetable in Italy, especially in the South.

Baby Cima Di Rapa is ideal for winter pastas and soups. It is also amazing when lightly blanched then fried with olive oil, garlic, anchovies, chilli or lemon. Baby Cima Di Rapa combines well with Italian flavours such as pasta, potatoes, tomato, pine nuts and cheese.

Baby Cima Di Rapa is available in punnets, with bulk orders by request. All Glenora products are picked to order so please ensure orders are received to Flowerdale Farm by 8am each Tuesday or Friday.