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Supernormal NGVOur favourite dish at the @Supernormal_Natsu 10 day pop-up summer restaurant that was a feature exhibition of the National Gallery of Victoria's Triennial EXTRA Festival. Flowerdale Farm was thrilled to be involved in ingredient selection using our fresh summer produce. Many thanks to the Supernormal and Natsu team, Andrew McConnell, Ben Pollard and everyone at NGV who made this happen. 10 days wasn't long enough!

Salt Water Duck, Pickled Peach and Mustard Oil
(featuring @FlowerdaleFarm Red Garnet Foliette)

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The Hand-Cut Difference

hand-cut saladsHave you ever considered the journey of your salad from paddock to plate? The vast majority of Australian grown salads are volume produced and machine cut. Whilst this is an efficient way to harvest large amounts of salad, the process can also damage the delicate baby leaves and lead to a product of sub-standard quality.

At Flowerdale Farm we recognise the hand-cut difference and supply a range of premium hand-picked baby leaf salads. The hand-picking process allows staff to individually inspect each plant for quality and select only the finest leaves for harvest. With hand-harvesting, the delicate baby leaves are less prone to bruising or damage which can easily occur with machine harvests. As such hand-cut salads maintain their condition well.

This traditional harvesting approach is complemented by industry leading wash technology to ensure you receive only the most pristine baby salad leaves for your plate. Delivered daily direct from the farm to the Melbourne Wholesale Market, Flowerdale Farm Brand Premium Baby Leaf Salads really are a cut above the rest!


New Seasonal Product: Heirloom Cucumbers

armenian cucumbers   Richmond River cucumbersFlowerdale Farm currently has a new range of Heirloom Cucumbers now available through the Glenora Heritage Produce range.

The Armenian Cucumber is a long, pale green, slender fruit which is actually a variety of muskmelon, a species closely related to the cucumber. It has no bitterness and the fruit is almost always used without peeling. Ideal sliced in salads, Armenian Cucumbers have a fresh, mild taste and exotic cantaloupe-like aroma. Armenian Cucumbers also pickle well.

Richmond River Cucumbers are an old Australian heirloom variety which produces oval shaped green fruit. This highly sought after variety has an attractive light green colour and resembles an apple in appearance. Flavour is full and rich, with low acidity and none of the characteristic bitterness of other cucumber varieties.

Armenian Cucumbers are available in 12kg boxes and Richmond River Cucumbers in 5kg boxes. With very good supply currently available, we anticipate the season will extend into late April.

All Glenora products are picked to order so please ensure orders are received to Flowerdale Farm by 8am each Tuesday or Friday.


Micros in Focus

Flowerdale Farm microgreensThis month we put microgreens under the microscope and discuss why they are the essential ingredient in every commercial kitchen.

Microgreens are tiny herbs or brassicas, harvested from a variety of crops during the early vegetative stage, when the very first adult leaf appears. They possess a highly concentrated flavour, but also pack a serious nutrient punch. A 2012 US study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that some microgreens, such as red cabbage, coriander and radish, can contain up to 40 times more nutrients – such as vitamins C, E and K, as well as lutein and betacarotene – than their mature counterparts, making them a powerhouse for general wellbeing.

From a culinary perspective, many microgreens have a different flavour profile to their mature plant versions. Micro varieties often have more intense flavours, especially with regard to peppery or sweet notes. As such Chefs world wide are recognising them as a kitchen essential which can lift recipes not just visually, but with respect to taste too.

No longer just viewed as pretty garnishes, switched on Chefs are pairing microgreen varieties to create cohesive flavour matches in their dishes, or to develop a contrasting flavour profiles which add incredible dimension. With busy kitchens constantly searching for new ways to create innovative dishes, Flowerdale Farm microgreens are the perfect solution to evolve your menu.

With an extensive variety list, including several exclusive seed lines, Flowerdale Farm microgreens offer the depth of range that a modern creative kitchen requires. Our daily planting schedule insures the freshest, consistent, year-round supply, giving Chefs the ability to plan their menus with confidence.

If you are not yet using microgreens it's time to get on board and discover the creativity, finish, flair and flavour these versatile ingredients can unleash. Contact your preferred produce distributor and request Flowerdale Farm products by name!


New Product: Shungiku Microgreen (Kikuna)

shungiku microgreenA brand new Asian Micro, Shungiku Microgreen is the strongest tasting variety in our range. From the chrysanthemum family, this plant is grown and eaten all over the world and has many different names; Shungiku or Kikuna to the Japanese, Crown Daisy in England; and Tong Hao in China. Fresh with an astringent taste, Shungiku adds dimension to hot pots, stir-fries and soups. It can be used as an interesting garnish which contributes aromatic flavour or as a unique ingredient in leafy salads.