Product Profile: Foliette

Red-Vein-Sorrel-FolietteFoliette is a boutique range of petite edible leaves containing intense, vibrant flavour. Larger than a microgreen, but smaller than baby leaf salad, Foliette petite edible leaves are the perfect size to add substance and style to any dish.

Harvested from a variety of crops during the early vegetative stage, Foliette leaves have a crisp delicate texture and pristine appearance.
Hand-picked and meticulously packed in resealable punnets, Foliette leaves are premium quality and chef ready.  Foliette petite leaves offer a convenient, ready to use product perfect for restaurant and foodservice clients.

Flowerdale Farm currently has good supply of the Foliette range, with increasing volume forecast in the coming weeks.  We will also be introducing several exciting new varieties to the Foliette range soon - stay tuned for the latest on these exclusive new lines!

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humble-rays-instaCoconut chia pudding, rosewater macerated strawberries, passion mango coulis, coconut ice cream, toasted coconut, shaved white chocolate and dessert dukkah with #FlowerdaleFarm #Microgreens & #EdibleFlowers!

#OhMyGoodness what a brunch @humbleraysmelb!

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New Seasonal Products: Chillis

Chilli Padron-left Friggitello-rightFlowerdale Farm is excited to offer an excellent range of specialty chilli varieties through the Glenora Heritage Produce collection.  These seasonal chillis are currently at their peak, with excellent supply available for the next two months.

Chilli Aji Amarillo
Peruvian chilli which is very fragrant with a mango / tropical flavour.  8/10 heat.  Available in 2kg box.

Chilli Aji Lemon
Peruvian chilli which is aromatic with a lemony / citrus flavour.  8/10 heat.  Available in 2kg box.

Chilli Friggitello
Italian / Japanese chilli which is also known as Shishito in Japan. This is a sweet chilli variety which can have a hint of heat when red. Generally pickled or fried in Italy or battered in tempura in Japan. Available in 2kg box.

Chilli Fushimi
Japanese sweet chilli which is frequently used in tempura.  Available in 2kg box.

Chilli Jalapeno
Mexican chilli variety which is very fleshy with good pepper flavour.  Commonly used in salsa, stews and for pickling.  5/10 heat.  Available in 3kg box.

Chilli Mirasol
Mexican chilli which is fleshy with good heat.  When red their flavour is very sweet.  8/10 heat.  Available in 2kg box.

Chilli Padron
Spanish chilli which is ideal for frying.  The heat of this chilli varies with the colour.  The hot ones are 8/10, whilst the sweet ones have a very intense green pepper flavour.  Available in 2kg box.

Chilli Pasilla
Mexican chilli with a long, finger-like shape.  Mildly hot and have a gorgeous intense green pepper flavour.  Great in stir-fries and stews.  4/10 heat.  Available in 2kg box.

Chilli Poblano
Mexican chilli which looks like a traditional green pepper, but with better flavour.  Poblano Chilli has a similar heat to Pasilla.  Very versatile.  4/10 heat.  Available in 2kg box.

Chilli Serrano (Green)
Mexican chilli with lovely pepper flavour.  When red this chilli is very sweet and aromatic.  8/10 heat.  Available in 3kg box.

All Glenora Heritage products are picked to order, so please ensure orders are received to Flowerdale Farm by 8am each Tuesday.


Product Profile: Oyster Leaves

Oyster LeavesOyster Leaves are an exciting new specialty product now available from Flowerdale Farm.

With a unique salty oyster-like flavour, they are an excellent addition to fish and seafood. Oyster Leaves can be used as a salt substitute for red meat dishes or to contrast and complement coffee and chocolate flavours.

With a large flat, green-grey colour and spoon-like shape, Oyster Leaves have impressive plate presentation and can be used as a garnish or dramatic base for entrees, hors d'oeuvres, canapes and charcuterie.

Individually hand-picked and chef-ready, their intense vibrant flavour and pristine appearance make Oyster Leaves an innovative new way to add style and substance to any dish. Flowerdale Farm Oyster Leaves are available to wholesale clients and are currently in good supply. 

Learn more about Flowerdale Farm Oyster Leaves on our website.


Instagram Inspiration @Longstoryshortcafe

Long Story Short CafeBeautiful use of #FlowerdaleFarm produce by @Longstoryshortcafe!

Five grain porridge with toasted coconut flakes, lychee + angi combo, blueberries, acai, cacao nibs, almond milk and #edibleflowers.

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