MasterChef Features Flowerdale Farm

Flowerdale Farm on MasterchefFlowerdale Farm's premium edible flowers were recently showcased on MasterChef Australia as the theme ingredient for the innovation challenge. We loved seeing our hand-picked edible blooms celebrated as the hero ingredient and imbuing the dishes with unique flavour, aroma, colour and texture. Great to see Aussie chefs developing a deeper understanding for the endless applications of edible flowers as more than just a garnish.

Congratulations to all the contestants on their innovative culinary creations!

View the MasterChef episode here. Watch from 33:34 for all the edible flower action.


Product Profile: Karkalla

karkallaKarakalla is a native Australian sea succulent which can be found on sand dunes and cliffs along the Victorian, South Australian and Tasmanian coastlines. The plump, juicy leaves have a light, sweet, salty taste similar to wild strawberries or fresh figs.

Also known as Beach Bananas or Pigface, Karkalla can be used as a natural flavour enhancer in meat dishes. Its angular, banana-shaped, pale green salty leaves are a unique addition to salads and savoury dishes. Karkalla also combines well with mushrooms, egg, seafood and shellfish.

Enjoyed raw Karkalla will add extra crunch and provide an excellent salt substitute. Karkalla is also robust enough to be lightly steamed or blanched, stir-fried or pickled.

Flowerdale Farm Karkalla is available year-round in 70g resealable punnets.
View our recipe for Ham and Potato Quiche with Karkalla for ingredient inspiration.


Instagram Inspiration @skyon57

ultraviolet-newsletter'Ultraviolet' - Blackberry mousse, blueberry crémeux, hibiscus jelly, marinated blackberries, fresh berries, sablé breton, granola, yogurt ice cream and #FlowerdaleFarm #microgreens. An absolutely stunning dessert by chef @florian_kraemer at @skyon57 restaurant at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

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New Seasonal Product: Wood Sorrel

wood sorrelWood Sorrel is a new seasonal product now available from Flowerdale Farm through the Glenora Heritage Produce range.

Wood Sorrel is wild harvested in eastern Victoria and has dainty, clover-shaped leaves with a pronounced lemon and citrus flavour. The smooth green leaves are divided into three heart-shaped leaflets. Each leaflet has a center crease, from which the leaflets fold upward in half to close the leaf at night and open it again in the morning.

Wood Sorrel can be used to add a citric highlight to salads, soups or sauces. Its sour taste also adds excellent contrast in sweet dishes and desserts. Wood Sorrel combines well with salad greens, seafood, scallops, chicken, cheese, butter, custard, chocolate and honey.

Wood Sorrel is available April – October in 40g punnets. All Glenora Heritage products are picked to order and available wholesale exclusively through Flowerdale Farm. Please ensure orders are received to Flowerdale Farm by 8am each Tuesday.

Flowerdale Farm would also like to congratulate Glenora Heritage Produce on becoming a finalist in the Delicious Produce Awards for the second year running for their heirloom 'Large Leaf Rocket'. National judging is in June – best of luck from the Flowerdale Farm team!


New QLD Agent: Alfred E. Chave

Alfred E. ChaveFlowerale Farm is proud to introduce our new Queensland agents Alfred E Chave. Located at the Rocklea markets in Brisbane, Alfred E. Chave is a family owned business which has been wholesaling premium fruit and vegetables for over 40 years.

Alfred E. Chave is stocking Flowerdale Farm's range of premium microgreens, edible flowers and leaves, specialty shoots and Australian natives. Other specialty and seasonal Flowerdale Farm lines are also available and can be pre‐ordered as required.

For all Flowerdale Farm QLD and Northern NSW wholesale inquires please contact Nick Distasi on 0411 560 940 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .