Product Profile: Micro Green Shiso

micro green shisoMicro Green Shiso is also known as Perilla or Beef-Steak Plant and has a strong sweet and spicy flavour. It is often used as a substitute for basil and is a fantastic in Asian cuisine. Use in salads, pasta, meat and seafood or add to risotto or egg dishes.

Micro Green Shiso is also a flavoursome and attractive garnish. This unique microgreen resembles stinging nettle leaves with serrated edge, furry surface and pale-pink stems.


Product Profile: Microgreen Sage

Microgreen sageMicrogreen Sage is micro variety of the popular herb with a more intense flavour then the mature plant. Expect a strong earthy, peppery flavour with lemon / mint overtones. Pristine in appearance, microgreen sage has elegant oval-shaped, textured green-grey leaves.

Microgreen Sage combines well with egg, vegetables, red and white meats, beans and legumes. Add to tomato-based sauces, soups, seafood and bread dishes for vibrant flavour. Microgreen Sage is robust enough to be enjoyed raw or cooked.


Instagram Inspiration @the_sunkissed_kitchen

instagram sun kissed kitchenA sensational salad comprised of pea tendrils, candy cane beets, radish, pomegranate, avocado, #FlowerdaleFarm #Microgreens and #EdibleFlowers, radicchio, cucumelons and purple carrots by @the_sunkissed_kitchen


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New Seasonal Product: Curly Cress (Land Cress)

curly cressCurly Cress, also known as Land Cress, is new seasonal product available from Flowerdale Farm from the Glenora Heritage Produce range. A member of the watercress family, it's delicate leaves look a bit like chervil, but pack a distinctive wasabi-like punch.

Curly Cress is very versatile and can be treated like a salad green or used as a herb to add a peppery hit to a wide range of savoury dishes. Create flavoursome cress pesto, cress soup, or steam and serve with butter and salt as a delicious side.

Curly Cress combines well with citrus, balsamic, beetroot, duck, miso, edamame, fish, beef and soft cheese. It is also an excellent salad base or lettuce substitute in sandwiches.

Only available during the colder months, we currently have excellent supply in 50g punnets (labelled land cress) or 1kg boxes (labelled curly cress). All Glenora products are picked to order so please ensure orders are received to Flowerdale Farm by 8am each Tuesday or Friday.


New Product: Mini Coloured Cauliflowers

Mini Coloured CauliflowerMini Coloured Cauliflowers are a new product now available from the Flowerdale Farm stand at the Melbourne Wholesale Market.  These vibrant vegetables are the results of traditional selective breeding of heirloom varieties. 

They retain their brilliant colour even after cooking and are higher in antioxidants than regular white cauliflower.  Purple cauliflower gets its beautiful hue from the presence of the antioxidant anthocyanin, which is also found in red cabbage, purple carrots and red wine.  Orange cauliflower varieties, on the other hand, get their bright colours from carotenoids, with studies showing these varieties have up to 25 times the concentrations of beta carotene then in white cauliflowers.

Mini colored cauliflowers have the same firmness, crumbly florets, and texture as their white counterpart, with subtle differences in taste.  Their flavour is slightly milder, sweeter, nuttier and free of the bitterness sometimes found in white cauliflower.

Mini coloured cauliflowers can be prepared in the same manner as white cauliflower, however we recommend using the vibrant colours as a visual counterpoint to create a point of interest in dishes. Consider creating colourful cauliflower fritters, roasted cauliflower or coloured cauliflower soup.  You can also blitz into colourful cauliflower ‘rice’, serve raw on fresh veggie platters or create coloured cauliflower puree for brilliant plate presentation.

Mini coloured cauliflowers are currently available wholesale in trays of 12 in purple, white and green.  The orange variety is still maturing, but will also be available soon.