Flavours & Trends: Oyster Leaves

philippeAppearance: With a large flat, green-grey colour and spoon-like shape, Oyster Leaves have impressive plate presentation.

Flavour: Unique salty oyster-like flavour.

Applications: Oyster Leaves are an excellent addition to fish and seafood and can be used as a salt substitute for red meat dishes.

Complements: Oysters, shellfish, salmon, kingfish, sashimi, coffee, chocolate, salad greens and native ingredients such as finger lime, karkalla and samphire

Trends: Freshly shucked oysters served with #FlowerdaleFarm #OysterLeaves make the perfect entree at Philippe Restaurant in Melbourne


Instagram Inspiration from @the_sunkissed_kitchen

sunkissed-kitchenA stunning vegan smoothie bowl featuring #viola #edibleflowers by the talented @the_sunkissed_kitchen

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Flavours & Trends: Ice Plant

alyce alexandraAppearance: The leaves of this unique succulent are covered in glistening pearl-like clear cells, giving it the appearance that it is covered in ice

Flavour: Ice Plant's thick, angular, heart-shaped leaves produce a juicy, slightly salty taste

Applications: Enjoy Ice Plant raw or cooked as a spinach substitute in a wide range of meals. The crisp texture makes it an innovative salad green or a side dish. With a striking appearance, Ice Plant is also the ideal garnish or unique plate element.

Complements: White fish, crab, cucumber, lime juice, citrus segments, strawberries, balsamic, nuts, karkalla, snow pea tendrils and finger limes.

Trends: Alyce Alexandra Cookbooks have created a divine Ice Plant salad with strawberries, balsamic reduction, fetta and pine nuts.


Flavours & Trends: Native Karkalla

cutler & coAppearance: Plump, juicy leaves in the shape of tiny bananas

Flavour: Light, sweet, salty taste similar to wild strawberries or fresh figs

Applications: An excellent accompaniment to seafood and shellfish. Karkalla can be used as a salt substitute in meat dishes or to add unique savoury dimension to salads and savoury meals. Karkalla is robust enough to be lightly steamed or blanched, stir-fried or pickled.

Complements: Mushrooms, egg, seafood, shellfish, oysters, smoked fish, salad greens, warrigal greens, lamb, kangaroo and beetroot.

Trends: Fruits de Mer accompanied by Karkalla is on the menu at Cutler & Co Melbourne.


Flavours & Trends: Warrigal Greens

pike & joyce wineryAppearance: Large, lush, green, pointed leaves

Flavour: Sweet and mild flavour, similar to baby spinach

Applications: Use as a substitute to traditional spinach in a wide range of meals. Warrigal Greens can be enjoyed raw, wilted, sautéed and steamed. A great addition to breakfasts and brunches, quiches, pasta, seafood and meat dishes. An innovative ingredient in dumplings and Asian-style soups.

Complements: Egg, salmon, kingfish, avocado, chicken, lamb, beef, pork, prawn, kangaroo, root vegetables, rice, quinoa and cheeses.

Trends: Pike & Joyce Winery in South Australia are serving Kangaroo fillet, quandong, heirloom carrots and Warrigal Greens. 

Image credit: @jacquisfoodfetish