Flavours & Trends: Standard Wasabi Leaves

ides-melbourneAppearance: Glossy, deep-green, heart-shaped leaves with the approximate diameter of 50-90mm

Flavour: Mild wasabi taste

Applications: Standard Wasabi Leaves work beautifully as a savoury plate element or as a flavoursome base for dramatic canapés

Complements: Steak tartare, salmon, white fish, crab, shellfish, cucumber, lime juice, citrus segments, strawberries, balsamic, nuts, karkalla, snow pea tendrils and finger limes.

Trends: Kangaroo Island marron glazed with wasabi and lemon oil, served under Tassie wasabi leaf, and sauced with nori-spiked chicken stock at @idesmelbourne


Flavours & Trends: Wasabi Stem (paste)

caliaAppearance: Knobbly white / green stems, which produce a lively paste when grated

Flavour: Fresh stems produce a powerfully hot, sweet and fragrant fresh wasabi paste

Applications: Prepare fresh wasabi stem using a specialty Wasabi Grater available from Flowerdale Farm. Grate in a circular motion to grind the stem into a paste. The fine teeth of the grater brake down the stem and release the wasabi's heat and sweet peppery flavour. Wait 3-5 minutes before serving to allow the wasabi flavour to fully develop.

Complements: Serve freshly grated wasabi paste as a condiment with seafood or beef or add to marinades, creamy sauces and mayonnaise. You can even experiment with wasabi paste in cocktails – the only limit is your imagination Chef!

Trends: @caliacollective is serving Sashimi Plates with fresh swirls of sustainably caught fish accompanied by freshly grated wasabi paste


Instagram Inspiration @estellenorthcote

estelleClair de lune oysters garnished with Sweet Alyssum Edible Flowers at Chef Scott Pickett' s @estellenorthcote

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Seasonal Product: Wild Foraged Wood Sorrel

wood sorrelWood Sorrel is a seasonal product now available from Flowerdale Farm through the Glenora Heritage Produce range.

Wood Sorrel is wild harvested in eastern Victoria and has dainty, clover-shaped leaves with a pronounced lemon and citrus flavour. The smooth green leaves are divided into three heart-shaped leaflets. Each leaflet has a centre crease, from which the leaflets fold upward in half to close the leaf and night and open it again in the morning.

Wood Sorrel can be used to add a citric highlight to salads, soups or sauces. Its sour taste also adds excellent contrast in sweet dishes and desserts. Wood Sorrel combines well with salad greens, seafood, scallops, chicken, cheese, butter, custard, chocolate and honey.

Wild Foraged Wood Sorrel is available in 50g punnets, with 9 punnets to a tray. It is currently in excellent supply, with the season anticipated to last until October. All Glenora products are picked to order so please ensure orders are received to Flowerdale Farm by 8am each Tuesday or Friday.


Flavours & Trends: Microgreen Mache

2nd6thAppearance: Bright-green, oval-shaped velvety leaves in rosette-like clusters

Flavour: Sweet nutty flavour with a satisfying crispness

Applications: Microgreen Mache offers beautiful, fresh flavour for savoury dishes. It works beautifully as a side dish in a mixture of salad greens or root vegetables. It's also great as a crisp clean accompaniment to soft cheeses and fruits.

Complements: Red and white meats, egg, almonds, beetroot, carrot, watermelon, radish, fetta, camembert, butter and cream.

Trends: Escargot made 3 ways; traditionally with garlic butter, baked in-house in a French brioche and in a parmesan cannelloni with mash and creamy mushroom sauce at Adelaide's @2nd6th