Finger Limes

fingerlimeAlso called Native Limes or Citrus Caviar, Finger Limes are a little known Australian native fruit. Finger Limes are a member of the citrus family found in northern New South Wales and south-eastern Queensland. The edible pulp is a dense mass of individual pearl-like cells which, when bitten, burst open giving a wild infusion of tangy lime. The pulp is available in myriad colours making it a unique visual and textural addition to your meal or drink, as well as adding a fresh citrus flavour.

Petite Veg

french breakfast radishFlowerdale Farm’s range of petite vegetables offers terrific flavour and adds unique presentation to your meal. Harvested from a variety of crops during the early vegetative stage, they have a highly concentrated flavour with a crisp and delicate texture.

Our newest Petite Vegetable varieties include White Carrot, Long Purple Carrot, Long Orange Carrot, Orange Golf Ball Carrot, French Breakfast Radish, Red Radish and Petite Leak.

Fresh State

fresh stateThe August issue of Fresh State Magazine features Flowerdale Farm’s stand at the recent Fresh Connections Trade Show.   General Manager James Rattray is photographed with Flowerdale Farm’s patented Living Top Seal Microgreen Punnet. This innovative packaging solution has been specifically developed for the retail and export markets. Microgreens are grown in a non-soil biodegradable medium and placed in a durable plastic container which is sealed with a breathable tamper-evident film. This container provides a superior shelf life by helping to maintain an ideal temperature and protecting the product in transit. Stackability also increases the units per pallet during transportation.

Produce Plus

The July / August Issue of Produce Plus Featured an interview with Flowerdale Farm’s general manager, James Rattray discussing the rise in demand for microgreens throughout Asia. Spreading from high-end food service to retail, consumers are becoming more aware of the product as microgreens hit the mainstream.

To view a full copy of the article please view a copy here.