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karloevaristoDuck, heirloom tomato, madras, crystal cranberry and microgreen red garnet. Created by chef @karloevaristo

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Flavours & Trends: Petticoat Spice Dianthus Flowers

fara-skyraAppearance: Small, ruffled-edged blooms in a stunning selection of magenta, pink and white tones.

Flavour: Subtle, sweet clove-like flavour

Applications: We have so many of these beautiful blooms available and they look great in desserts, ice-blocks, cocktails and sprinkled through salads.

Complements: Desserts and baked goods, pasties, sorbet, ice cream, chocolate, almonds, macadamias, fruit salad, salad greens, citrus, strawberries, balsamic, champagne, gin and vodka.

Trends: Elderflower and blackberry skyr cheesecake crowned with @FlowerdaleFarm dianthus flowers, pansies and violas created by the team at Fara Skyr


Flavours & Trends: Snap Dragon Flowers

penta-elsternwickAppearance: An elongated bloom with mouth-like opening. Great colours available including dark and light shades of pink, red, maroon, white and yellow.

Flavour: Distinct melon flavour.

Applications: Use as an amazing garnish for a wide range of desserts, fruit dishes and creative cocktails.

Complements: Add to desserts, pastries, sorbets, cakes and chocolate or nut dishes for a splash of colour and flavour.

Trends: Beautiful Snap Dragons are accompanying Nutella Panna Cotta at Penta Elsternwick.


Flavours & Trends: Nasturtium Flowers

asal-farnoodiAppearance: Large, trumpet-like bloom available in a warm colour palette of orange, yellow and red tones.

Flavour: Crisp peppery flavour

Applications: Ideal for salads and savoury meals. Can be used whole or separate petals and scatter for a vibrant, spicy kick.

Complements: Terrific in salads and as a garnish for savoury soups. A spicy plate element to accompany hors d'oeuvres, canapés and charcuterie. Its spicy flavour combines well with red meats, smoked fish and soft cheeses.

Trends: Quinoa, persimmon, kiwi, red vein sorrel, mint, chervil, cucumber, nasturtium flower and orange balsamic vinaigrette are perfectly plated by Chef and Food stylist Asal Farnoodi


Wasabi Stem Promotion

shima-wasabi-stemFlowerdale Farm has just launched a new special offer for our wholesale clients: Purchase a 30g Wasabi Stem at our special discounted prince and receive a free Mini Wasabi Grater.*

For the next 4 to 6 weeks we have lots of 30g stems available as the greenhouses are all being replanted with new stock. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce Chefs to this great Australian product that's available all year round from Flowerdale Farm. Don't miss out - order yours now - Chefs are loving this product!
*Offer valid to wholesale customers only. Offer valid while stocks last.