Micro Salads - The Convenient Solution!

Micro SaladAs one of the key lines grown in Flowerdale Farm's new state-of-the-art glasshouse facility, Micro Salads are currently in excellent condition, quality and supply.

A seasonal mix of Microgreen varieties, Micro Salad has a combination of fresh, concentrated flavours. Micro Salad is a stylish alternative to traditional salad forms. Use as a base for your favourite salad dishes, a gourmet side to main meals or an attractive addition to canapés and entrees. It is also ideal as a flavoursome garnish with a wide range of applications.

This pre-cut mix of seasonal Microgreens is the convenient solution for busy kitchens – request some from your wholesaler today Chef!


Flavours & Trends: Dianthus Flowers

fara skyraAppearance: Dainty small flowers with saw-tooth petals, available in pretty range of pink and white hues.

Flavour: Sweet, clove-like flavour and scent

Applications: Separate petals or use whole in salads, cocktails, cakes, infusions and desserts.

Complements: A colourful addition to salad greens, Petticoat Spice is also a great accompaniment to sweets and baked goods, cake, chocolate, hazelnut, nuts, icecream and sorbet.

Trends: Summer has come early at @fara_skyr with this divine Plum, Cherry, and Mixed Berry Skyr Pavlova featuring @FlowerdaleFarm Dianthus #edibleflowers and #nasturtiumleaves


Flavours & Trends: Cornflower

sunkissed-kitchenAppearance: A dense mass of tiny petals in vibrant blue, purple and mauve tones.

Flavour: Sweet to spicy, clove-like.

Applications: Brilliant addition to fruit salads, breakfast and brunches, sweets, cakes and desserts, summer salads and biscuits. Separate the petals and scatter though dishes or used whole for greatest effect.

Complements: Chocolate, cream, ice cream, cakes, citrus, summer fruits, ancient grains, desserts, sweet pastries, sorbets, salad greens and nut dishes for a splash of colour and sweet, light flavour.

Trends: @The_Sunkissed_Kitchen has created this stunning Blue Porridge, with Blue Spirulina and Cornflowers.


Flavours & Trends: Elderflower

chew-townAppearance: Umbrella-like spays of tiny white, highly perfumed flowers

Flavour: Subtle, sweet, floral flavour

Applications: Elderflower adds aromatic flavour and elegance to cordials, herbal teas, cocktails, sorbets, popsicles and sweet dishes.

Complements: Create elderflower alcohol infusions with wine, gin, prosecco and champagne. Add to vinegar to create innovative infused dressings. Combines well with honey, tea, edible flowers, desserts and sweet dishes.

Trends: Edible Flower and Elderflower Popsicles are the perfect way to beat the heat this summer. Created by Sydney food stylist and photographer @chewtown


Instagram Inspiration @idesmelbourne

ides-melbourneKangaroo Island marron glazed with wasabi and lemon oil, served under Tasmanian #ShimaWasabi leaf, and sauced with nori-spiked chicken stock by @idesmelbourne

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