Wasabi Paste - What are you really eating?

Shima-WasabiSqueezing commercial wasabi sachets on your favourite sushi or sashimi adds a flavoursome zing, but do you really know what you're eating? Often commercial "wasabi" paste is actually made of horseradish and a range of artificial colours and flavours. Whilst true wasabi and horseradish are both members of the Brassicaceae family, they are separate plants with unique and distinct flavours.

A real wasabi plant is quite a sight to behold: the long, knobbly stem is joined to its lofty, leafy green head by thin stalks. All above ground parts of the plant are edible, but it is the Wasabi Stem that can be grated to create true wasabi paste.

Freshly grated wasabi has a complex palette of sweet, smooth and spicy flavour sensations. Unlike the uncomfortable linger of chilli, real wasabi quickly evaporates from your palette and most definitely leaves you wanting more.

Shima Wasabi stems, stalks and leaves and a range of wasabi graters are available wholesale exclusively through the Flowerdale Farm Store at the Melbourne Wholesale Market. Take advantage of our current offer and purchase a 30g Wasabi Stem at our special discounted price and receive a free Mini Wasabi Grater!* Ask your wholesaler to get you some today Chef and experience the true wasabi flavour.

*Offer valid to wholesale customers only. Offer valid while stocks last.


Instagram Inspiration @alanhigginschef

alan higginsBlack pepper crusted tuna, Asian style tuna & pickled radish parcels, sesame infused watermelon, rice crackers and avocado & wasabi puree, garnished with microgreens. Created by @alanhigginschef

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Wasabi Stem Competition Winner!

Wasabi Stem Competition WinnerThanks to everyone who took part in Flowerdale Farm's recent Wasabi Stalk competition. There were some great entries that showcased creative culinary uses of this innovative product. The judges have announced the winner as Chef Marco Valcarcel Alonso of Pontoon St Kilda Beach for his Cured Kingfish Mille Feuille, Wasabi & n'duja Emulsion and Wasabi Stalks Oil. Chef Marco has won a gourmet hamper of premium Tasmanian produce from The Tasmanian Food Co. Congratulations Marco!


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