How to use Wasabi Stems

wasabi stemWasabi Stems produce the most intense wasabi flavour of any wasabi product. To create your own fresh wasabi paste just follow these 3 simple steps:
1. Grate: Take your fresh Wasabi Stem and using a specialty Wasabi Grater (available from Flowerdale Farm), grate in a circular motion to grind the stem into a paste. The fine teeth of the grater brake down the stem and release the wasabi's heat and sweet peppery flavour. Wait 3-5 minutes before serving to allow the wasabi flavour to fully develop. Note that after around 30 minutes the heat and flavour will dissipate, so only grate the amount that you intend to use.
2. Serve: Serve the wasabi paste as a condiment with seafood or beef or add to marinades, creamy sauces and mayonnaise or even experiment in cocktails.
3. Storage: Store any unused wasabi stem in a sealed bag with damp paper towel in the refrigerator. Fresh wasabi will last 3-4 weeks in refrigeration before grating.

Fresh Shima Wasabi Stems are available in 30g cryovacted pouches or 6 x 30g from the Flowerdale Farm store at the Melbourne Wholesale Market. We also have several styles of Wasabi Graters available for Chefs to prepare this unique product.


How to use Wasabi Leaves

Standard-Wasabi-LeafWasabi Leaves are available in Standard and Baby sizes, offering a mild peppery flavour similar to rocket lettuce. Use the large leaves to wrap Asian inspired rolls, or provide a plating base. Smaller Wasabi Leaves are ideal to add flavour to salads, meat or seafood dishes or a beautiful plate element and garnish.

Shima Wasabi Leaves are sold in punnets and available wholesale exclusively through Flowerdale Farm.


How to use Wasabi Stalks

Wasabi-StalksWasabi Stalks add a fresh, peppery crunch to salads, an alternative to celery with dips, unique flavour in stir fry meals and a garnish with bite to savoury dishes. Feeling adventurous? Try pickling Wasabi Stalks for added complexity.

Shima Wasabi Stalks are sold in punnets and available wholesale exclusively through Flowerdale Farm.


How to use Wasabi Florals

Wasabi-FlowersWasabi Florals are seasonal from May - October and offer a beautiful, delicate garnish for savoury and sweet dishes, with flavoursome heat and a peppery flavour. Each stem is approximately 100mm long and features 4-6 open flowers and 6+ more flowers in bud. The season for Wasabi Flowers is finishing soon, so get in quick to make the most of this unique ingredient.

Shima Wasabi Florals are sold in punnets and available wholesale exclusively through Flowerdale Farm.


Flavours & Trends: Assorted Edible Flowers

loria stermAppearance: A generous assortment of our most popular varieties in a range of sizes and colours

Flavour: A seasonal mix of subtle sweet tones, anise and peppery blooms

Applications: Ideal for sweet and savoury applications where variety is key. Use is limited only by your imagination!

Complements: Add to desserts, pastries, sorbets, cakes, and chocolate or nut dishes for a splash of colour and flavour

Trends: Private chef & caterer Loria Stern is making waves by pressing Assorted Edible Flowers into cookie dough before baking, rather then coating or sugaring blooms