Flavours & Trends: Viola Flowers

dessert parlourAppearance: Dainty small flower available in solid colour or two-tone combinations in a range of purple, violet, magenta, mauve, white and yellow hues

Flavour: Subtle sweet, grassy flavour characteristics

Applications: Viola, the most versatile and popular edible flower variety, is a great all-rounder for sweet or savoury dishes, cakes and canapés

Complements: A great accompaniment to baked goods, chocolate, hazelnut, macadamia, eggs, salad greens, red and white meats and smoked salmon

Trends: Dessert Parlour Melbourne has been creating Caramel and Chocolate Cakepopsicles with @FlowerdaleFarm #viola #edibleflowers


Flavours & Trends: Linaria

zeboyAppearance: Small, vibrantly coloured edible flowers which look like a mini snapdragon and come in a pretty range of pinks, purples, yellows and reds

Flavour: Subtle, sweet melon-like flavour

Applications: Ideal for adding a splash of colour to sweet or savoury dishes or creative cocktails

Complements: Red and white meat, poultry and game, seafood, citrus, strawberries, balsamic, nuts, mushroom, snow pea tendrils, salad greens, sweets and baked goods

Trends: Official @TheWorlds50Best Restaurants TasteHunter @zeboy has created Chirashizushi - Salmon, Ikura, Spanner Crab, Brown Rice and Pickled Shiitakes with Black Miso and Linaria Edible Flowers


Instagram Inspiration @braerestaurant

braeBlue mackerel lightly cured with apple and nasturtium
@braerestaurant Birregurra

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Flavours & Trends: Petite Red Garnet

michael-greenlawAppearance: Bright red slender leaves on a central stem.

Flavour: Mild, sweet taste, similar to spinach.

Applications: The perfect garnish. A favourite among chefs, Petite Red Garnet Foliette adds brilliant colour to dishes. With a mild flavour this high impact leaf allows the taste of the dish to shine. This attractive Foliette is also ideal in salads, soups, stir-fries, meats and Asian cuisine.

Complements: Red and white meat, poultry and game, seafood, citrus, strawberries, balsamic, nuts, karkalla, snow pea tendrils, root vegetables and finger limes.

Trends: Burrawong Gaian Organic Duck, Almond & Whole Mandarin Purée, Red Garnet Amaranth, Romanesco Cauliflower, Jus Gras created by Chef Michael Greenlaw at The Westin Melbourne and Allegro Restaurant


Flavours & Trends: Petite Red Vein Sorrel (Blood Sorrel)

ascot-food-storeAppearance: Vivid green leaves contrasted by deep red veins.

Flavour: Slightly bitter wild strawberry taste

Applications: A relative of rhubarb, this attractive variegated Foliette adds vibrant colour and strong flavour to any dish. Use to create an attractive bed for meat dishes or as a brilliant two-tone, flavoursome garnish.

Complements: Eggs, cream, seafood, salad greens, lamb, kangaroo, beef, beetroot, pea, haloumi and ricotta

Trends: Brunch of Salmon Rilletts On Rye with Cultured Cream, Pickles, Egg and Red Vein Sorrel is on the menu at Ascot Food Store