Flavours & Trends: Rose Petals

rose-syrup-puddingsAppearance: Large, fragrant and delicate petals available in an array of red, white, pink and yellow tones.

Flavour: Rose perfume flavour

Applications: Use Turkish Delight Rose Petals to add a touch of romance, colour and sweet perfume to your drink or meal

Complements: An ideal dressing for desserts, summer sorbets and pastries. Create signature cocktails with flair and aroma. Combines well with rich flavours including chocolate, pistachio, meringue, pavlova, fruit salad, champagne and gin.

Trends: Rose Syrup Puddings are the perfect Christmas dessert, created by @alycealexandracookbooks


Instagram Inspiration @robertocortez08

robertocortez08Tamamori Fukuoka Wagyu, Caramelised Chestnut Onion Cream, Pickled Beets, Acai Red Wine Sauce, Hibiscus Leaf and Sunshine Confetti Petals created by Chef @robertocortez08

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Christmas Trading 2018

Flowerdale Farm Christmas LogoThe Melbourne Wholesale Market will be open on regular days and hours through the holiday period, (Monday - Friday, 3:30am - 7:30am) except for the following public holidays, when the Market is closed:

Tuesday 25 December - Market Closed
Wednesday 26 December - Market Closed
Tuesday 1 January - Market Closed

Please ensure that you place your orders early and order sufficient product to cover these closures.

Flowerdale Farm would like to thank all our valued customers for your business throughout 2018. We wish you a joyous Christmas season and a prosperous New Year.


New Farm Facility

new-farm-facilityFlowerdale Farm is proud to announce the opening of a new farm facility. The state-of-the-art glasshouse facility located south-east of Melbourne is the primary production site for our Micro Salad and Foliette ranges, whilst also producing several key Edible Flower and Microgreen lines.

The 0.5 hectare glasshouse facility uses industry-leading technology and infrastructure to control temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, light and irrigation. With a focus on sustainability, the terraced growing systems also uses considerably less water than traditional irrigation, whilst minimising the need for pesticides.

With the new site now in full production we are seeing a significant improvement in the quality and the shelf life of products. We encourage you to pick up a few punnets and experience the difference yourself.


Micro Salads - The Convenient Solution!

Micro SaladAs one of the key lines grown in Flowerdale Farm's new state-of-the-art glasshouse facility, Micro Salads are currently in excellent condition, quality and supply.

A seasonal mix of Microgreen varieties, Micro Salad has a combination of fresh, concentrated flavours. Micro Salad is a stylish alternative to traditional salad forms. Use as a base for your favourite salad dishes, a gourmet side to main meals or an attractive addition to canapés and entrees. It is also ideal as a flavoursome garnish with a wide range of applications.

This pre-cut mix of seasonal Microgreens is the convenient solution for busy kitchens – request some from your wholesaler today Chef!