Flavours & Trends: Microgreen Basil

bridgeroomAppearance: Bright green, rounded micro leaves with a pale stem

Flavour: A more intense and cleaner flavour than mature basil

Applications: Juicy and soft, with strong flavour Microgreen Basil enhances any dish. Use as a signature flavour in Italian cuisine and Asian dishes. Add just before serving for maximum taste.

Complements: Brilliant in soups, salads and meat dishes, this flexible microgreen can also be used to create unique desserts, ice creams and chocolates. Combines well with seafood, tomato, salad greens, citrus, strawberries, balsamic, champagne, gin and vodka.

Trends: Scarlet prawns, spiced peppers, aged apple vinegar, orange butter, carrot salad and Microgreen Basil are on the menu at @thebridgeroom