Flavours & Trends: Microgreen Mache

2nd6thAppearance: Bright-green, oval-shaped velvety leaves in rosette-like clusters

Flavour: Sweet nutty flavour with a satisfying crispness

Applications: Microgreen Mache offers beautiful, fresh flavour for savoury dishes. It works beautifully as a side dish in a mixture of salad greens or root vegetables. It's also great as a crisp clean accompaniment to soft cheeses and fruits.

Complements: Red and white meats, egg, almonds, beetroot, carrot, watermelon, radish, fetta, camembert, butter and cream.

Trends: Escargot made 3 ways; traditionally with garlic butter, baked in-house in a French brioche and in a parmesan cannelloni with mash and creamy mushroom sauce at Adelaide's @2nd6th