Flavours & Trends: Native Cut Leaf Thyme

cut leaf thymeAppearance: Broad-leaved, toothed foliage with an aroma of spicy chillies and cool mint.

Flavour: Intense flavour, similar to a cross between thyme and common mint.

Applications: Sprinkle on red or white meat and then BBQ. Add to bread doughs or damper. Contributes excellent flavour to pizza, pasta or risotto.

Complements: Cut Leaf Thyme matches beautifully with garlic, oil, tomatoes and feta. It's a brilliant accompaniment to wood fired oven dishes or any cooking that adds an ash or smoky flavour.

Trends: Cut Leaf Thyme is emerging on menus throughout Melbourne. Park St is leading the trend by featuring Chargrilled Quail with Pomegranate and Native Cut Leaf Thyme.