Flavours & Trends: Wasabi Stem (paste)

caliaAppearance: Knobbly white / green stems, which produce a lively paste when grated

Flavour: Fresh stems produce a powerfully hot, sweet and fragrant fresh wasabi paste

Applications: Prepare fresh wasabi stem using a specialty Wasabi Grater available from Flowerdale Farm. Grate in a circular motion to grind the stem into a paste. The fine teeth of the grater brake down the stem and release the wasabi's heat and sweet peppery flavour. Wait 3-5 minutes before serving to allow the wasabi flavour to fully develop.

Complements: Serve freshly grated wasabi paste as a condiment with seafood or beef or add to marinades, creamy sauces and mayonnaise. You can even experiment with wasabi paste in cocktails – the only limit is your imagination Chef!

Trends: @caliacollective is serving Sashimi Plates with fresh swirls of sustainably caught fish accompanied by freshly grated wasabi paste