Season Commencing: Baby Wasabi Leaves & Wasabi Flowers

Baby-Wasabi-LeavesWasabi-FlowersUsing ingredients which contribute warming flavours is a unique way to make your winter menus memorable. Whilst Wasabi Stems and Standard Leaves are available year-round, the season for Baby Wasabi Leaves and Wasabi Flowers is commencing now.

Wasabi Flowers offer an attractive and delicate peppery garnish for savoury and sweet dishes. Baby Wasabi leaves possess a pleasant peppery flavour similar to rocket. Both Baby Leaves and Flowers combine beautifully with beef, lamb, chicken, salmon, tuna, trout, fetta and goats cheese. They are fantastic with tartare and sashimi. Use their heat and complexity to contrast and complement sweet light flavours such as watermelon and strawberries. They are a warming addition to salads and a stunning garnish which contributes rich flavour.

Shima Wasabi is grown with the pristine rainwater of Tasmania and available exclusively from Flowerdale Farm. To include these wonderful products in your menu Chef, simply request them via your current wholesaler.