Petite Lime Elk

These tender leaves have a pleasant, mild mustard, tangy flavour.

A member of the family Brassicaceae, the vibrant lime green and decorative shape of this Foliette makes it the perfect complement to any dish.

Product Details


The mild mustard flavour suits a wide range of savoury dishes including red and white meats, fish and seafood. A very versatile salad base or flavoursome garnish which adds height and texture.


Highly decorative 'Elk-Horn' shaped lime green leaves.


To maintain freshness, store Flowerdale Farm Foliette between 1-5 degrees C. Rinse lightly under cold clean water before use.

Health Benefits

Contains antioxidants, folate, manganese, fibre, calcium and iron as well as vitamins K, A and C.


50g punnets and wholesale boxes.


Flowerdale Farm's Petite Lime Elk Foliette is cultivated in hydroponic conditions and is available year round.