Finger Limes

Fresh, tangy lime citrus.

Also called Native Limes or Citrus Caviar, Finger Limes are a little known Australian native fruit. The edible pulp is a dense mass of individual pearl-like cells which, when bitten, burst open giving a wild infusion of tangy lime.

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Fantastic in cocktails and summer drinks, a unique twist to Asian meals, ideal with any seafood, adds brilliant colour, texture and flavour to desserts and sweet dishes.


The pulp of Finger Limes comes in a colour spectrum from green, yellow, pink and light red through to deep magenta. The outer skin of the fruit has a cucumber-like appearance and ranges from green to black.


To maintain freshness, store Flowerdale Farm Frozen Finger Limes below zero degrees C.

Health Benefits

Finger Limes contain antioxidants and vitamin C.


Fresh and frozen whole fruit available in 100g punnets and premium grade pulp in 125g frozen packs.


Flowerdale Farm’s Finger Limes are available throughout June – December.