Mains & Fine Dining Recipes

Confit salmon, beach banana and rouille

Created by Andy Harmer, Executive Chef, The Point Albert Park

Note: Accompaniments require overnight infusion / dehydration

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Crab Tian with Spencer Gulf Prawn, Lycee and Ocean Salad


Round cylinder, scone cutter (or similar)

Small mixing bowls

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Cured Trout with Finger Lime

Created by Patrick Browning, Head Chef & Owner, Alexandra Hotel

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Edible Flower Bouquet with Whipped Goats Cheese

A beautiful and delicious canape with edible flowers in a parmesan cone.

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Flinders mussels, Warrigal green freekeh, lemon verbena and shellfish sauce

Recipe created for Flowerdale Farm by Michael Cole, Australia's candidate for Bocuse d'Or 2019 and Head Chef at the Flinders Hotel.

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Free range braised pork belly, chorizo puree, yabbies and crackling with petite vegetables & flowers

Created by Alan Desouza, Head Chef 1907 Restaurant Perth

Note: All prep can be made 1 day ahead

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Hana Sakari

Created by Yosuke Furukawa head chef Miyako Restaurant Southgate


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Hot Smoked Atlantic Salmon, Beetroot, Horseradish & Fennel

Created by Graeme McLaughlan, Group Executive Chef, Red Rock Venues

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