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Masaaki Koyama

masaaki's sushi

Masaaki Koyama is the owner and operator of Masaaki's Sushi in Geeveston, a tiny town in Tasmania's southwest with a population of less than 1,000. Yet despite it's size Masaaki has single handily put Geeveston firmly on the foodie map, with streams of tourists pilgrimaging each week to experience his freshly rolled sushi which uses the finest local ingredients.

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About Masaaki Koyama

Born in Osaka Japan, Masaaki was taught the art of sushi from his grandmother. From the age of 10 his dream was to become a sushi chef, a career he commenced in Osaka before meeting his Australian wife Lucy, who was his English teacher in Japan. The pair returned to her home town in Tasmania in 2007 and in 2009 Masaaki opened his tiny, eponymous restaurant.

Initially the restaurant opened seven days a week and business was very slow, with the small-town locals apprehensive to try sushi. But gradually the residents were overwhelmingly won over and word spread of his skill.

In 2015 English seafood chef and television presenter Rick Stein visited Tasmania for the BBC series World on a Plate and described Masaaki Koyoma as "taking sushi to a new level" and making some of the best sushi he'd ever eaten.

Due to the increase in popularly Masaaki's Sushi now only opens Friday and Saturday in Geeveston and every Sunday they have a stall at The TasFarmGate Market in Hobart. Such is the popularity of his sushi it is not uncommon for diners to queue for up to 2 hours to have their order handcrafted by Masaaki. Each day Masaaki usually sells out by 2pm, after which he packs up and goes surfing. His dishes feature freshly farmed local salmon and ocean-caught seafood along with fresh regional produce and Tasmanian-grown Shima Wasabi.