Flavours & Trends: Crimson Elk Foliette @serafino_wines

serafino-red-elkAppearance: Elegant finely serrated two-tone statement leaf

Flavour: A sweet mustard flavour

Applications: Use to add fresh spicy flavour to pasta, seafood and meat dishes with perfect presentation

Complements: Crimson Elk Foliette is very adaptable with a wide range of savoury applications. Goes well with red & white meats, seafood, tomato, carrots, cauliflower, potato, pickled veg, radish and artichoke.

Trends: Pork, cauliflower, golden raisin, moscato, pickled mustard and crimson elk are in this stand out dish created by @chef_d_armon, Executive Chef at South Australia's @serafino_wines